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Welcome to our Demo Marketing Campaign

Our Campaign's Goal:
Reach and recruit diverse and qualified students to meet the enrollment goals of the Bedford University School of Business.

Our Target Demographics:
Bedford University Alumni and business professionals with responsibity for leading and operating successful multinational companies.

Our Media:
Our campaign will be three different marketing tools using two different types of media. These will include:

Personalized URL (PURL) Postcard ...
Much like variable printing, Personalized URL postcards and their landing page use a contact database. This may be a list of prospects that your organization may already have or a new list purchased from our Print Center. The prospect data is used to customize the marketing messages based on the contacts' information. Please click on the image to the right to see an online demonstration of a Personalized URL postcard.

Generic URL ...
Speaking to a larger audience? Placing a print ad? Mailing to an audience you don’t know much about? Executing a TV or radio campaign? This is the role of the generic URL, (GURL). For example, create a generic URL which drives the audience to a landing page and allows the contact to provide information about themselves, their interests, and preferred contact method. With this new information, you can target their needs and turn them into a customer! Ready for a Demo? Click the image to the right.

Transit Shelter Advertisement...
For this campaign we also plan to use multiple Transit Shelter signage in the downtown area. We feel that the shelter locations offer outstanding visibility and quality impressions and delivers high circulation figures due to their curbside positioning along main roadways. We are working with an outside vendor for placement, but using our URL and a landing page to capture prospects' information. This demo shows that ALL media types can be used with our Integrated marketing solution. Please click on the image to the right to view the demo.