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Outdoor Advertising Ideas

30 Sheet

30 Sheet Image

Maximizes brand awareness and is ideal for new product/service introductions. Provides efficiencies to media plans by lowering cost per thousand impressions.

8 Sheet

8 Sheet Image

Offers versatility for short-term seasonal and regional campaigns. They also stimulate sales near point-of-purchase locations.


Airports Diorama Image

Exposure to America's airline passengers over one billion times a year.


Bulletin Image

Delivers high frequency. Positioned on highly visible, heavy traffic locations such as expressways, primary arteries, and major intersections.


Bus/Transit Image

Delivers high profile exposure near point of purchase locations. Generates quick recall which can establish brand awareness.

Commuter Rail / Metra

Commuter Rail Image

Reaches a captive, upscale suburban commuter in addition to lunch-time patrons, shoppers and business professionals. Offers "face-to-face" impact in TrainCard, on platforms, in waiting areas, and in high traffic corridors.

Digital Products

An industry revolution. Our digital outdoor / digital indoor networks and digital taxi products offer the ultimate in flexibility. Change your message as often as you wish and react to market conditions.


Mall Display Image

Looking to reach the mall audience? Our malls division has a unique list of products that cater to mall advertising.

Mobile Panel

Mobile Panel Image

Flexibility is the main advantage of this unique product. This can be used to achieve market saturation, or be skewed to reach a specific demographic target.

News Rack ImageNews Racks

Targeted visibility in the high-demand and hard-to-reach areas of San Francisco.

Premiere Panels

Premiere Panel Image

Targets desired consumers demographically and geographically. Combines the creative impact of a bulletin with the reach and frequency of a poster program.


Premiere Square

Premiere Square Image

Provides extra impact in the evening with bright top and bottom illumination.



Spectacolor Image

Need a one-of-a-kind spectacular event? The Clear Channel Spectacolor division can create something magical.


Streetcar / Trolley

Streetcar / Trolley Image

Delivers high profile exposure near point of purchase and tourist locations.

Taxi Media

Taxi Media Image

Products designed exclusively for taxi top advertising.


Transit Shelter

Transit Shelter Image

Offers outstanding visibility and quality impressions with a glass showcase. Delivers high circulation figures due to its curbside positioning along main roadways.


Wallscapes Image

Accommodates a wide variety of unusual creative sizes and shapes. Towers above the streets, creating a spectacular landmark.